Saturday, September 7, 2013

Home Evolution: The Kitchen

Welcome back to how my home has changed over the three years we've lived here.  The kitchen is an extension of the family room, they are one big room.  They need to flow together and have a consistent style and feel.  The previous owner was doing that, but in her 80's style.  Here is what the kitchen looked like before: 

Holy Oak, Batman!  Where do the cabinets stop and the floor begins?  Is that an oak kitchen table and chairs floating there on the oak wood floor?  I kid.  It's not a disaster.  In fact they had recently updated and remodeled this kitchen shortly before we bought the home.  New appliances, new countertops, I'm not sure if the cabinets are new or were built with the house in 1987. Their photo is extra orangey for some reason.
Anyhoo, here's the kitchen today:

I tried to get the same shot they used, but it's kind of hard to see the details.

Hello bright white kitchen.  So nice to see you.

Looking at the other side of the kitchen:

 I don't know why this picture is crooked.  Just tilt your head a bit and it will look great!
I really love my kitchen.  Classic white cabinets, wood floors, plenty of cabinets and counter space.  It wasn't that bad painting the cabinets.  (Kind of like childbirth, enough time has gone by that it doesn't seem so bad anymore.)   The only thing I would change is to have white subway tile as the backsplash. 
Oh well, we can't everything.

Come back soon for another room.


Bev said...

Your kitchen is sooooooooo much better now!!! The white paint makes all the difference. I love the open cabinets also. But I disagree, I think you can have those white tile backsplashes - just get your hammer out and go to town!

Shannon Baker said...

Love your island and you built in desk area. Swoon!

Kelly said...

Your kitchen is really pretty! I'm a big fan of white kitchens with country charm. Yours has that. I bet you love how much brighter it is in there now. Your cabinets look great.

Joey said...

Becky, Becky, are amazing, I love it all and such a great tour of it. So fun!