Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Christmas on this Blog

I'm pretty tired of looking at that mermaid every time I get on my blog.  I've got to post something just to be rid of her!  I've been enjoying taking virtual tours of Christmas homes on other blogs, so I thought I'd give a little virtual tour here at Small-N-Simple Things.    So here goes:
 These are items on my kitchen hutch.  I bleached the bottle brush trees, but they're not NEARLY as cute as the ones my mom made, she glittered and glitzed hers.  The ornaments in the bowl came from goodwill and some of them are mercury glass, I really like them.
 Some of my white dishes and silver.
This is something I saw on Pinterest and re-created because I had everything for it.  A wooden box filled with greenery, lights, wooden logs and pine cones.  It sits in front of the fireplace since it's too warm to build a fire.
Here it is lit up at night.
This is a tinsel tree I got at a yard sale for $3.  I'm not sure why I bought it, I just liked how it looked old.
This is our actual Christmas Tree.  The one I bought at a second hand store last year for $10 and flocked myself.  It's looking pretty sad.  My girls really wanted to get a real tree but I told them let's give this one more year and we'll get a real one next year.
Here's the old door with a fresh wreath and the BELIEVE garland I made last year.
And the mantle.   Not too different from last year.

So that is a little of my home dressed up for Christmas.  I'll show more later when there is better light for taking pictures.


Joey said...

Its beautiful, I am very impressed!

Bev said...

It all looks so nice and festive, I especially like the dishes with ornaments and your cute little bleached trees. I'm still jealous you found those mercury glass ornaments at Goodwill! You found those and Mom found that cute white pot, next time I'm staying right by your guys' sides! Cute house, Becky!

Nellie said...

Your blog is where I find a bit of Christmas! So festive and wonderful!

Shannon Baker said...

Love ALL of it, but I'm totally going to have to copy the fireplace box!!!!!!