Thursday, November 1, 2012

A lucrative Halloween

I'm going to try and simplify this as much as possible.
Emily wanted to enter the costume contest at work.  She heard there was a cash prize.  She researched and found the costume she wanted to make.  It was this one:
When she showed this to me I thought, wow that looks like alot of work, good thing she has alot of time to do it.  So she bought a few things here and there.  I bought a few things here and there as I found them.   Fast forward to the night of the 30th.  The costume hasn't even begun.  We had a long night ahead of us.  If we were smart we would have looked up the instructions on how to make this and put it together.  But we're not smart.   So we racked our brains and put together what we had and it just wasn't working.  It looked like the pirate was piggy backing on her.  We worked on it until about 11pm when I couldn't see straight anymore, let alone think straight.  So we slept on it and got an early start.  After some more failed ideas, we finally hit upon a winner.  It took some doing but we did it.  She was going to put it on at work when the contest started so I didn't get a picture of her with it on.  I took these before she left for work:
We found as close to skin color shirt as we could and she wore a sea decorated bra over it.
We made the fin and attached it to this basket decorated with treasure.

 This is the fellow who gave us so much trouble.  Pirates!
We recycled the face of this lady from a couple of years ago
 This is the destruction that I was left to clean up.

 Because I'm a dork and forgot to send my camera with her, someone took a picture of her at work and sent it to my phone.  Because I don't have a smartphone I can't put pictures from my phone onto my computer.  This is the best I could do.  She wasn't about to put it back on when she got home.
 It looks like the pirate is leaning over her shoulder. But at least he's not way shorter than her and hiding behind her back.  That was the trouble we had with him.
Anyway.  Long story short.  She tied for first place with a guy that looks exactly like those little green army men.  They each got $200!   AND she won the contest for just her office!  $60
I think we probably had about $20 invested in it.

Yes, I'm getting my commission if that's what you were wondering, because it was the first think I thought of.
I don't know how we got into the business of creative costumes, but I'm getting too old for it!


Joey said...

You guys rock, that is an awesome costume!

grandma said...

C'mon Becky, you still have a few years of costume-making left in you. And you need to save some of your brilliance for grandkids costumes. (ha ha)

Bev said...

Way to go!!! You guys should start a business! That's an amazing costume, I can't believe you pulled it off.

Shaleice said...

I saw Emily pinning mermaid makeup ideas on Pinterest so it was fun to see her costume :) Why do we do that to ourselves??-- wait til the last minute to do things :) I love Isabelle's costume too :) She cracks me up. OH! And I was going to ask do I post something on the Boren blog? I forgot how, haha. I was under a different username and can't remember the password. Can you invite me under my new username/login? :)

Jan said...

You are so clever! What an amazing cosume! Congrats!