Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forgive me, Mr. Brown

I made several pieces of furniture while in high school wood shop.  They were all made out of oak.  Fast foward twenty five years later and I'm now painting over all the oak.  Mr. Brown, my woodshop teacher was the best.  He insisted on doing it right and making it out of the best wood, which is oak.  I don't really think he would like the idea of painting it.  Alot of people are like that, can't imagine painting over wood furniture.  But I'm not one of those people.

So here's my formerly oak china cabinet (no before picture, but you can probably use your imagination).  I removed the upper glass doors a few years back. 
This past week I painted it white, distressed it and applied a glaze.
I don't know why I waited so long to do this.  In fact, that's what the husband said "You should have done that to it in the first place."
I just don't know if it looks good next to the white buffet, now turned TV cabinet.  It isn't distressed and antiqued, it's just white.

What do YOU think?


grandma said...

Where has this cabinet been hiding? I don't remember seeing it lately. I really like it painted white and love how you have accesorized it. Very fallish. Good job

Joey said...

And you built it!!!! (take that pres. Obama)
I love it, good job and it looks great where you have it, at least according to the picture. Dang, you are on a roll.

Tiffanyann said...

love love love it!! you are amazing!!

Bev said...

I like it there. If they were painted the same they would look like twins. This way they each have their own personality. It looks so much better painted I think Mr. Brown would forgive you!

Michele said...

Love it Becky!! I have a lot of "birch wood" furniture from Mr. Browns class that I would like to paint some day, but I don't have the painting skills that you do. Might have to get some tips from you.