Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knee surgeries

Logan had surgeries on both of his knee caps on Friday.  He was in surgery for about five hours.  They put six screws to piece together his right knee cap.  They had to remove his lower left knee cap because the pieces weren't big enough to work with.  Tendons or ligaments ( I never can remember which one) were attached to the remaining knee cap.  While they were working on his knees, his hand Dr. was working on his wrists, adjusting the pins in his right hand and casting his hand and arm, and putting a new dressing on his left arm and wrist.  Needless to say, he was in excrutiating pain when he came out of surgery.  And unfortunately for him it was shift change when they brought him up to his room, so he had a new nurse who was scrambling to get him some pain relief.  He had to call the Dr. and find out what he could give to Logan.  There were some tears, and crying out for relief.  It was a hard thing to watch.
But he is doing alot better, and they are working hard at managing his pain and finding the right combination of meds that help him.  It takes a pretty high dosage to even have an effect on him.  We don't know how long he will be in the hospital.  He will have to keep his legs straight and non weight bearing for six weeks.  That wouldn't be too big of a deal if he had use of his hands and arms.   But because of those injuries, his recovery will be more challenging.  He will either remain at the hospital and work with the therapists there or go to a rehabilitaion therapy facility to help him function while recovering.  And then the real work will begin, getting those legs to bend again after six weeks.  I know a little something about this because I had my legs casted for six weeks after double knee surgery when I was 15.  It is hard and painful.  Very painful.  But he can do it.
It's a real bummer to be stuck in a hospital and any encouragement you get is much appreciated.  If anyone would like to send him a card, here's the address to the hospital:

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn
7400 E. Osborn Rd. Room 625
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Thanks so much,


grandma said...

Yes, he can do it. His age and determination are in his favor. I will send him cards. Thanks for posting the address.

Joey said...

Poor guy, man he was just living life then boom his whole life has to revolve around recovering. How hard. Its hard watching it all as well, I'm sure for all of you. He doesn't know me but I can send him a card or two.
Kekpp giving us the updates, I have been thinking about all of you, hang in there.

Nellie said...

My oh my, what challenges he is facing. I was hoping to have an update on the surgery. I can't imagine having a team working on the hands and the knees. I am sure he has some incredible doctors. We fasted for him yesterday and will continue to pray for your whole family. We love you all!