Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farm update

Why oh why did I agree to get animals??
Two of the chicks have died.  It's REALLY important to make sure they have water at all times. In case you didn't know.
One of the  bunnies has an eye infection and I now have to put cream on it's eye three times a day.  The other bunny has now almost been a cat's breakfast and it fell in the pool last night.  Luckily Isabelle saw it and saved it.

I have four kids that still live at home.
That's enough, don't you think?


Bev said...

no matter how much kids say they'll take care of animals, it's always the mom who really does it. How does that happen?

grandma said...

Do you remember the little white kitty that ate the litter gravel? You loved to have animals around all the time. Maybe things will get better.