Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kids are fish

Oh to be a kid again.  Swimming the day away (I still do that sometimes for a couple of hours).
I thought I'd practice my still action photography on these two while they were frolicking.  But it was hard because they're really camera shy. 

They didn't want to do any mid air poses for me at all, and they were really grumpy about it too.  It's so hard when your subjects don't cooperate!

But it's ok.  Just look at that water!! Don't you just want to do a cannonball??

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Joey said...

you got some great shots, great models, I remember those summer days, we would swim all day then come in, have a bath and eat beans, what a life.

grandma said...

You got some cute pictures. I remember those days, when I used to swim with Earlene and Beth, and when you kids thought you were in heaven to be able to swim in the Hancock's pool. Fun, fun

Bev said...

Good shots. Yes kids and swimming definitely go together. Next you need some shots of the swimming pool hairdos we used to do - the George Washington, the sideways flip, remember those?