Wednesday, July 6, 2011

still not sure what a thespian does

Emily left for Thespian Leadership Retreat Tuesday morning.  Three and half days in Heber with lots of thespian type things.  Alien dress ups and Monster dances and who knows what all they do to hone their thespian skills.  She was excitied to be chosen to go.  The new Theater teacher this year only chose five kids to go.  He was Emily's English teacher last year and she did very well in his class.
The hardest part of the whole thing is she had to leave her phone at home so it wouldn't distract her from all those thespian excercises and things that thespians do at thespian camp.
That's thespian dedication right there!


Joey said...

Some of my Laurels have gone to the thesbian conference, that was the first I had heard about it, dont ya got to be into acting and pretty dang talented? She will have fun.

Joey said...

oh and you changed your blog...Very cute! I spent hours trying to figure how to do all the changes, still trying to figure things out.

Bev said...

When I hear the word thespian I think of "Thoundth like I'm lithping, doethn't it?" is that from a movie? Not sure, but I would love to be a cook at thespian camp - do they come to dinner as themselves or someone else? Do people just break into random characters and start reciting lines from plays or movies? It would be shear entertainment just to sit back and watch. Emily should have a "thuper thweet" time!