Friday, April 15, 2011

A little bit of table love

I've had my kitchen table set for almost seven years.  I LOVED it when I bought it and have loved it ever since.   I didn't want to get a new table.  I'm still in love with this one. It's rock solid and in excellent shape.  I love the creamy white distressed finish on the table base and chairs.  I love that it has two leaves that fold into the table, so maybe when we get some sons or daughter in law, we can fit everyone.  But sometimes, things have to change.  I found myself not loving the pine finish on the table top so much anymore.  And I knew what to do about it.

I sanded it down.  Yes, by hand.  Our hand held sander has disappeared.  It didn't take that long, but I was covered in fine powder.  And like a dummy, I had just swept and mopped the floor earlier before I got my wild hair to do this project.
I then started applying the stain in sections, wiping off as I went.  I did this a few times and then brushed the last coat on as if it were paint.  The lighter grain still shows through a little which I like.  I also took a hammer to my beloved table to ding it up and give it some character.
I hope it can forgive me. 
And this is what it looks like now:

I still need to put a couple coats of poly on to protect it.  And then tackle the chair seats because they are still light pine.  Should I paint them the chair color, or stain them to match the table top?  Any ideas?


Stephanie said...

You are seriously the biggest do it yourself person I have ever known. Where do you find the energy and time? I have a million do it my self projects at my house in serious need of getting done yet can't seem to find the energy or the time! And your project all end up looking so professional! So my vote is to stain the chair seats the same color as the table top. I think that would look awesome! Something I would be totally intimidated to attempt myself but quick to encourage you to do! I have idea after idea but no guts to attempt it on my own! You go girl! IMPRESSIVE!

Tiffanyann said...

my mom told me that i need to comment on your blog becuase i read it. I love your blog and all of the cute things that you do to your house!! love the table, i have been wanting to do that to mine, so thanks for the motivation!!

oh i am annette's daughter

Becky said...

Thanks Stephanie and Tiffany (I know you:) I really don't do anything great. I copy from others. I don't have any little kids at home during the day and I don't turn the tv on, so I have lots of time to think and plan. But it's fun, I love it!

grandma said...

It really looks nice. Either way the chairs would look good, dark or off white. We just came back from camping. Now for the real world again.

Bev said...

Great job on your table it looks so up to date! I would vote to just paint the chairs, but how would you ever match the exact paint and glaze technique? So probably stain. Either one would look great - You're putting Thrifty Decor Chick to shame!