Thursday, April 7, 2011

Got Birds? And a Foot Massage

I love birds, as I'm sure everyone does.  So I decided to show you some of my little birdies around my house.  This little bird Mom gave me and sits on my spring mantle.
The two lovebirds Bev gave me and they sit under a cloche protecting their eggs.
this is kind of hard to tell it's a bird, but I like it for some reason.
another little birdie with spring eggs.
a real little bird's nest with one real half egg, the rest are fake.
A cute bird basket found at Hobby Lobby on clearance with some soap eggs from Mom
a bird hanging picture also from Hobby Lobby in front of my bathroom window to catch the light
this is my mother in law's bird in her pot of flowers I'm tending for her.
And the best of all, real birds in my outside bird feeder.  I love watching them flitter around.
And this is the best thing ever!  Isabelle loves to give foot masages.  She asks me all the time if she can do my feet!
 She gets a bowl of nice warm/hot water, some foot scrub, foot lotion, a buffer thingy, a towel, and works her magic on my feet!  She even did Emily's, Amanda's and Phillip's feet during Conference.   What a girl!
I'm raising her allowance.


grandma said...

If she comes to stay with us this summer, I will pay her well for that. Cute birds! We have some coming to our bird feeders too. Watching them is very relaxing.

Joey said...

That girl spoils you...and you deserve it! Such lovely birds you have.

Bev said...

yes birds are catchy, and so springy. Yours look especially cute in all their forms. I feel ripped off - Isabelle was right here in my house and I never got a foot massage. My foot has been hurting, maybe I can pay one of my kids to give me a foot treatment? We'll see.

Nellie said...

I'll be by tomorrow to feed the birds and have a foot massage!

Kim said...

How much does Isabelle charge??? Love the birds!

Bev said...

where did you get all your eggs? I like how you redid your key frame..

Becky said...

I found an egg covered wreath at Savers for about $3 I think. It was loaded with all sizes and springy colors of eggs. I was happy. Yes, I like my key frame makeover too.