Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Job

Ever since our kids have been old enough to do chores, we've had them do something to earn their back to school clothes.  They usually get way more than they earn but at least they have done SOMETHING for them.  Mostly household chores.  Until now.  Poor Emily is busting her tale.  We have three very large Pine trees that Phillip has decided to trim way back and that means a mess.  Which means someone has to clean it up.  And that someone is Emily.  (and Isabelle) but mostly Emily.  It's become her way to get cute clothes.  And in case you didn't know, it builds character.  It's better than digging holes like Amanda and Logan used to do, ask them about it sometime.

She'll be dressed just fine come August 9th!


grandma said...

Yes, they had better be VERY cute for working so hard in the heat. Emily and Isabelle will know how to do yard work and help their husbands later in life. I just used to clean the house and do some cooking while my mom made all my clothes. No storebought clothes for me. I liked hers way better.

Dawn said...

Go Emily! And Isabelle! That is a very good idea. I wish I would have done something like this with my kids. They worked for other things but this is another great way to teach them to work!

Bev said...

Go Emily! (And Isabelle) Good job earning money and character. You'll appreciate it when you have your own kids.