Saturday, July 31, 2010

A painter I'm not

I painted over one wall in my hall bath today.  It was a green and purple sponge painted wall and I just couldn't take it anymore.  So I scrounged together some leftover paint I already had and went to work.  I. hate. to. paint.  Taping, dripping, messy.  I get it in my hair and all over my hands and arms and floor. Every single time.  There are ALOT of walls in this house that I want painted.  The white walls are so white.  I haven't hung things on them because I know I want them painted, but I don't want to do it.  So they just stare at me, taunting me.  Phillip thinks they're just fine.   I guess I'd better get used to paint in my hair.


grandma said...

I thought that wall looked a little out-of-place, outdated, and I was wondering if you would paint it. What color did you go with?

grandma said...


I hate to tell you this but you got your hate to paint from me.SORRY. Painting is at the top of my list to hate. May you have better days


Briannon said...

I know what you mean, I had to paint the whole inside of my house...including ceilings and baseboards!!! plus doors...well i still have quite a bit of touching up to do and I totally have lost interest!
I dont know why your complaining about the paint being in your hair...I just told people i got highlights!

Joey said...

I hear ya, and you cant just do a little at a time cause it makes such a mess and will dry out....we could all come over for a painting party! I'll come if your dad will.

Bethany said...

Becky, I just spent the whole day painting and just have to say that I love painting! It is the closest we can get to real magic. In a couple of hours you can transform a room.

We used to move so often that I would get all the change in my life that was needed. Now that we are planning on staying in the same place forever, paint is the only change that I get. I think that I have painted this entire house three times since we moved here four years ago.

It is messy but if you get a good paint brush and good paint (none of the cheap stuff) it is a lot easier and goes so much faster.

Give me a call and I'll come help you. Make it a paint party, always more fun when you are doing it together.