Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're all pretty tired over here

So Friday night Logan worked until 12:30. I picked him up at the Theater and brought him home where Phillip and Emily were waiting for him so they could all leave to go on their fishing trip. They had a four hour drive ahead of them and a two hour hike to get to the "secret spot". As soon as I got home with Logan, Amanda notified me that she was back from her Senior trip to California and needed to be picked up. Back in the car I go and we arrived back home around 1:30 am.
Since Isabelle is too little to go on the big fishing trip, her and I had some fun of our own the next day (Saturday). The Bounce House, ice cream sundays from Sonic and afternoon swimming. (which I am sporting a fantastic sunburn )
Then later in the day Amanda brought her posse over to tye dye t-shirts. They were as happy as can be to tye dye. I even had them make one for Isabelle and I. We'll see the finished product tomorrow. The suspense is killing us!!
Then the great fishermen and fishergirl returned just around dinner time, tired and hungry. It was a full day for all. It's 9pm and my house is very quiet except for the hum of the dryer. Sleep has claimed them all.


Nellie said...

It's so fun to visit your blog.......I feel like it's home!

Bethany said...

The picture of Emily and Phil makes me miss my dad so much!