Thursday, February 2, 2012


After months of feeding and watering, these ladies are finally starting to earn their keep.  We had a little contest going on to see who could predict when we'd get the first egg.  We picked dates and whoever got the closest got $20.  This was Hubby's idea.

Well, he decided to have a little fun with Isabelle.  When it was closest to his date, he put a regular store bought chicken egg out in their roost and then sent Isabelle out to feed them and check for eggs.  She found the egg and was sooooo excited, she ran inside with the egg and showed everyone.  He told her about his evil plan during dinner and she was quite mad at him.  As well she should be.

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But now they are laying for real and we're getting two eggs a day.  One of them still has to start laying yet.
 Fresh eggs are the best!


grandma said...

So who won the contest? Or was that a trick too?

Joey said...

what beautiful eggs! I was just at a farmers market and fresh eggs from chickens that eat well and can graze were 5 bucks a dozen, so those things are valuable and they are the best!