Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A perfectly good fan

Do you have a ceiling fan (or several) that work great but are hard on the eyes?  I do.  There is absolutely nothing in the world wrong with them.  They do their job perfectly and I'm sure in 1995 they looked beautiful!  But not anymore.  Replacing them all just for looks isn't practical.  So I have begun operation ceiling fan redos.  Here is the first of many:
Brass.  Oak.  Tulip floral shades.   No thank you.
This one is in my family room and is on a vaulted ceiling.  Good thing I don't mind climbing the ladder.  I began by taking everything off except the motor and taped the ceiling up the best I could.
I painted all the blades and little pieces outside with oil rubbed bronze.
I started out spray painting the motor a brushed nickle, but my paint can clogged.  Dang paint can.  So through a little trial and error by switching to copper paint which was a total fail, I just painted the whole thing oil rubbed bronze.

The picture shows up a lot darker than it really is.    I bought new shades.    All four for $16.  I already had the paint, but it's about $7.  So a brand new ceiling fan for a little over $20.

I have worked out all the kinks in my system so the next ones I do won't take nearly as long.
Go forth and redo!

tdc before and after

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Bev said...

Aaaahhh, so much better! Yes, easier on the eyes for sure! You are a go-getter!

Joey said...

Wow, that looks so much better, way to go Becky bo

Nellie said...

I am always your fan!

Ground Beef said...

That looks beautiful. I just changed two out and what a pain. However, my question is that by spray painting the part of where the motor is in....wouldn't the spray paint have any affect on it's function down the road?

Stephanie said...

I've been doing a few projects of my own lately. I mean I like to do crafty projects but find that I'm usually afraid that I'm going to screw up. The other day I got to thinking about my project kick and wondered where this was coming from. Then It dawned on me! It's you! I've been seeing all the cool projects you do and how inexpensive it can be to change something that is really bugging you and make it so much better and something inside of me must have clicked! I've painted my family room cabinets and mantel. I've painted my blinds. I'm currently working on putting bead board around my island. And I bought the paint to change my brass stuff to silver. So thanks for the inspiration you go getter you!

Staci Severns said...

Wow, I love the transformation! From a traditional one, it definitely turned into something grand! It’s really amazing how the colors affect the personality of a certain thing. Darker colors just impose solidity. I love it!