Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mini Farm

You know the saying "You can take the boy/girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy/girl".  Well, that's my husband.  He may not seem like a country boy, but he is at heart.  He wants to live in the country on a farm, but has to live in the city for his job.  So, we'll bring the farm to the city.  We now have five baby chicks (one died already) and two bunnies.  I'm sure we'd have a cow if we could.  The girls are happy too.  And our dog thinks we got them for him.  He's become a guard/sheep dog.  He has a purpose in life now.  He especially loves the bunnies and tries to get them to play with him.  I keep telling him they're not dogs but he doesn't care.

Emily and Isabelle and I went to the feed store and picked them out.  By the time we got home, they had them all named.   The bunnies are Pepper and Paprika.  The chicks are Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sugar, Cayenne and Curry.   Sugar has passed on. 
They are all cute, but I'm not so sure getting them in the heat wave of August was the best idea.  We (I) have to bring them in during the day so they don't die of heat stroke.  In crates and boxes of course.  Don't think I've gone totally looney and have animals running rampant around my house.
But it's lucky for my husband that I love him so much.


grandma said...

C'mon Becky. Admit that you love them too, since you will always be a country girl. I would like to have chickens in the back in a nice chicken pen and a big cage with pretty birds. Too bad I'm not the boss around here.

Nellie said...

Oh Becky, I love animals but not when I have to take care of them. I hope this doesn't slow you down on all the cute decorating projects that you share with us. They are all cute!

Bev said...

What a coincidence - you are getting chickens and we are getting rid of ours. Only because we're down to two and they don't hardly lay anymore. Non-laying chickens are like cars that don't run, why have them? But we'll be getting more down the road sometime. The non-hormone eggs are worth it.