Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is a Homemaker

First of all, I love blogging.  It kind of gives a purpose to what I do day to day.  A computer journal of sorts.  Second of all, I LOVE being a homemaker.  I have never ever once thought I'd like to get a job in the real world.  There have been times when I thought maybe I need to get a job or maybe I should get a job.  But never I want to get a job.  There's just too many things to do at home!  I iron and clean toilets and do laundry, yeah, yeah.  But I also get to make my house a Home.  Like turning this:
Into this.  An inspiration message board for my family.
Or turning these:
Into this.  Get out of town this juice is amazing!
I have many rosemary bushes in my yard.  They're about the only thing that isn't brown and crunchy right now.  So I snipped some and brought it inside to make my kitchen smell wonderful!
Yes I love it all.
 How do you make your house a home???


Joey said...

Becky, Becky, are amazing, I'm sure your children will always have wonderful memories of home and all the creative things you do. Keep up the blogging.

Bev said...

Great ideas, Becky! - I should bring rosemary in from my yard. The chalkboard turned out so cute. Do you have an electric juicer? I could drink some fresh squeezed juice right now!

grandma said...

Wow Becky! You got right on that chalkboard project and it turned out so cute. You didn't tell that the frame was a thrift store find. Yes, you are a perfect example of someone who loves her home and loves being home. I am proud of my 2 daughters.