Thursday, October 7, 2010

She's been waiting for this day

Today is the day this girl:
Has been waiting to go here:
So she can ride this:
and this:
and of course this:
She has been marking one day off at a time on her calendar for over a year.  Listening to the soundracks of the rides for months.  Waiting with much anticipation for this day, when her Grandma takes her to Disneyland for her 10th birthday.  She is the last grandchild to participate in this awesome tradition.  She was only days old when Grandma took Amanda, the first grandchild to start the whole Disneyland 10th birthday trip.  And I think she is the most excited!  Her first plane trip also.  Big Big Day for Isabelle!


Melynda King said...

WOW!!! What a great tradition!

Nellie said...

I hope you have a princess outfit for her!

Kim said...

How exciting!! What a great tradition!