Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ants Go Marching Out

Can you feel it it too? Something has changed. There's less ants around these days. For the past several long months, I've had a plague of Ants infest my home. Hard as I try to keep the kitchen crumb free, they invite themselves anyway. Any dishes left out in or near the sink will undoubtedly be practically carried away with Ants the next morning. They made a permanent invisible line going along my stove and down to some underground tunnel. They've bitten my feet more times than I can count while making dinner. My dishwasher was a favorite dining spot for them. But many died a hot and steamy drowning. Not even my purse was safe in it's storage cupboard next to the dishwasher.
The kitchen isn't the only hangout for these little pests. It's been great fun to be watching a movie all comfy on the couch only to feel a little sting somewhere on your body. They don't discriminate. Everyone in the family gets it. They're in the carpet, bathroom, dirty clothes baskets, wood floors.
Which leaves me to ask myself: Am I just a horrible filthy housekeeper? Why are they here and what do they want? I've been tolerable to them to a point. Sure, I've killed some of them. But only hoping it would send a message to all of them. And maybe it finally has, because I believe they're retreating. It's a good thing too, because my bags were packed.


grandma said...

Our ants in the back yard are as healthy as ever. We keep buying ant powder, and Jerry even paid $15for some from the farm chemical place. They make a trail right through it, I think they love the stuff. They are small, but mighty, and their sting hurts like crazy. I'm your in your house are going. Maybe ours will too, someday.

ps. Is Isabelle OK now?

Dawn said...

Preventative pest control. That is the name of the company I use for pest control. They only have to spray every other month. That is how good the product is. It is all natural and will not hurt your pets. Just kills the bugs. I really like them.

Jacob said...

I'm glad they are leaving.....ant traps help a lot also.

Jacob said...

that was nellie