Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teenage Girls These Days

What's up with teenage girls these days?? As a mother of a teenage son and two teenage daughters, I'm learning alot about teengagers. I didn't analyze teenagers while I was a teenager because the world was all about me and my pain or my happiness. I would look at teenagers in McDonald's or various other places in public while taking my little ones out, and swear MY kids would never be like that!! By the way, you should NEVER say NEVER. It has a funny way of coming back to bite you.
So, in case you didn't know, Logan is quite the ladies man. That may be an understatement. While talking with him yesterday about it he said "Why kiss only one girl, when you can kiss them all?" He's had a steady parade of girls come through our house for the last few weeks. Most of them more that willing to come and pick him up in their cars and take him wherever he wants to go. Some are from work, some are from other wards, some are from who knows where. It was all fine and good until he figured out that if he invited them over to swim, he could kiss them in the pool!
After sending Isabelle out a couple of times for various reasons, I decided I'd better take a look. This girl he had over, who was at girls camp, who's in another ward in our building, was on him like white on rice. In MY Pool!! At MY House!! I've only seen this girl twice. She's not his girlfriend. She's just one of many. So I had to go out and inform them how innappropiate they were being and how many other great things they could be doing. She was embarrassed and wouldn't even look at me, she kept her back to me. A little smacking was in order!! But, sadly for her, she's under the influence of Logan. Like a horse to water. And he's only sixteen. Heaven help me.


Kristen said...

oh dear Becky! Good luck, glad you gave them a talkin' to!

Nellie said...

That's just what a Mama should do!

Dawn said...

We were lucky that our girls believed us when we told them they weren't allowed to have a boy friend. They also believed that the artichoke got its name because a guy named Artie choked on one. They were easy in that sense. Keep at it. It seems like you have to come up with different tactics every day. I would have done the same thing.